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Managing time and stress are key to doing well in exams. Illustrations by (c) Reset Fest Inc, Canada


Stressed During Board Exams? Here’s What You Can Do

Handy tips for students to manage stress during exam preparation and assessment.

Nearly two million Indian students are currently taking their board exams. These tests play an important role in deciding the course of a student’s academic life, which invokes a great deal of worry for parents, teachers and students alike.

To help navigate this tricky period, here’s the Re:Set guide on how students can manage stress during exams.

Four images describing a students struggle with studying i.e. stress, tiredness, frustration and studying round the clock.Images describing how students can stay refreshed during exams i.e. not staying up late, working out, studying in the morning and watching less television.less televisionSimple things students can do to manage stress during there exams i.e. study in groups, eating more green vegetables and taking friend food out of their diet.Students should focus on themselves, not their friends. They should try breathing exercises or meditation. They should also remember to plan their studies and not try to cram everything at the last moment.


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Stressed During Board Exams? Here’s What You Can Do