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About Us

Re:Set is your everyday partner for resources and stories around education, parenting, mental health and well-being, gender, and inclusivity launched by Aakanksha Tangri.

At Re:Set, we collaborate with thought-leaders, government officials, parents, educators, counselors and corporate ninjas. We work on providing insights into the challenges we are confronted with, and decoding what it takes to create the next generation of well-rounded changemakers.

Here you’ll find insightful storytelling, solutions and non-judgmental advice from around the world.

A special focus for us is how to help communities effectively integrate people with special needs, and to provide strategies and solutions to create a seamlessly inclusive and accessible society. Our stories also address gaps in policy when it comes to education, gender equality, accessibility and employment.

With the aim to dispel misconceptions and stigma surrounding topics such as mental health and special needs, Re:Set promises a safe, inclusive space that encourages conversations on issues that matter and inspire change.

We’re always on the lookout for new stories and innovative people to talk to. Want to write for us? Do you think there’s a story Re:Set should cover? Or maybe you want to tell us what you, your school or organization has been up to. Awesome!

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